You’ve seen them on the street, on Beach Boys’ albums, and even in an Elvis video. The well-known Hawaiian shirts, also called «Aloha Shirts,» are an essential piece for the summer. Their floral prints, sea themes, surfer vibes, and tropical air are the most fun choice for Sunday barbecues, Friday vermouth gatherings, and the music festival you never miss.

The flowered or Hawaiian aloha shirts were the most emblematic piece from Hawaii, only to become today an iconic piece of vintage fashion. Their simple cut, bright colors, and lightweight fabric have made them the perfect companion for the summer months.

At Flamingos Vintage Kilo, we have a wide selection of Hawaiian shirts for all tastes and styles. This piece is a must-have in any store specializing in vintage clothing. Plus, it’s probably the star piece at Flamingos.

Originating from blouses made with leftover printed fabrics from Japanese kimonos, they are also known as «Aloha.»

At Flamingos Vintage, we have «blessed,» as the Hawaiians would say, thousands of people with their joy, since in just over 10 years, we have sold more than 100,000 kilos of Hawaiian shirts. Alo-Hawaii!

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