For many people around the world, the term «vintage» clothing tends to imply that it’s a garment that has been used or is old, although that doesn’t necessarily encompass the entire definition. Not everything used is vintage; to give you a rough idea, vintage clothing should be at least 20 to 100 years old. A style that has been recently added to vintage fashion is clothing with Navajo print.

There is also vintage clothing that has never been worn which you can find in certain stores with its original tag still attached. So why is it considered vintage? As mentioned earlier, it’s because of the age; it’s more than 20 years old. From this arises the interest among people who like this fashion and this lifestyle, so to speak, to introduce vintage clothing with Navajo prints into their hipster wardrobe designs.


The Native American tribes each had their own distinctive style of dressing, differentiating themselves from other tribes thanks to the type of clothing and the designs they added over time, creating fantastic patterns in their garments.

Delving a bit into the history of Navajo print clothing, their garments were made for hunting, everyday wear, and their spiritual ceremonies. Back then, their clothes were crafted from the skins of animals, such as bison, and over time they learned to treat this type of skin to make it soft to the touch, as well as resistant and durable.

The designs that inspired vintage clothing with Navajo prints were the ceremonial shirts, as they had unique designs that denoted social status within the tribe and hierarchy. Their designs were also used on their faces and bodies, as they liked to paint themselves when preparing for war or for their rituals.

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