Ibai Llanos has released a video on his channel where he can be seen shopping with singer Rauw Alejandro at one of our Flamingos Vintage Kilo stores (Bogo Vintage, Portaferrissa, 25 Barcelona), who confirmed via social media that indeed Rauw has been acting as his stylist.

Corte del video subido en el canal de Ibai Llanos donde aparecen comprando en Flamingos Vintage Kilo

They picked up leather jackets, baseball jackets, NBA t-shirts, and garments personalized by Flamingos. But definitely, out of all the clothes they took, the one that created the most sensation and comments in the Kings League was the retro jacket recommended by Rauw to Ibai.


La chaqueta de Rauw ha causado sensación en la Kings League

♬ sonido original – Ibai

This speaks not only of the good taste of Ibai and Rauw but definitely of the commitment of these influencers to promote sustainable fashion.

Who is Ibai Llanos and Why is He with Rauw Alejandro?

Ibai Llanos is one of the most recognized international streamers, YouTubers, and electronic sports presenters in the world. He was listed as one of Spain’s most influential people in Forbes magazine 2021, hence why everything he says and wears is so significant for the youth and all his followers.

On Twitch, he has over 11 million followers, on YouTube, he boasts more than 10 million subscribers, 9.5 million on Twitter, and 7.6 million on Instagram.

What young people like most about this influencer is his naturalness, spontaneity, and charisma when narrating and commenting on any type of content.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that multiple artists like Rauw Alejandro decide to collaborate with him creating such original content.

At Flamingo Vintage Kilo, we love that people like Ibai and Rauw support our brand.


At Flamingos Vintage Kilo, we are waiting for you.

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