Hooded or non-hooded sweatshirts are a simple way to present yourself to the world in a fresh and casual manner while still maintaining your own style.

Our vintage branded sweatshirts give you that genderless edge on those mornings when, as you dress, what you desire most is comfort.

At Flamingos, we have a plethora of pieces from different eras and styles with one common element: their functionality and comfort. This everyday staple has become a powerful unifier across cultures and social classes. Why? Because few items are as versatile.

Decide between the Big logo sweatshirts, those that lean more towards the 80s hip hop style, or the classic 90s hoodies with prints that represented both college campuses and countercultural movements.

You also have the choice among the iconic American basketball team sweatshirts to basic The Northface, Puma, Nike, or Adidas ones. Which one will you choose?

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