If anything stands out from the 1980s, it’s the eclecticism in trends. On the streets, you could see everyone from punks to mods, from the classic «posh» of the time to the «new hippies». This decade represented the search for identity and belonging to an urban tribe based on aesthetics. So, in our selection, you’ll find a compilation that’s both fun and representative of a transgressive era, full of changes and excitement.

Our pieces are drenched in shoulder pads and studs, with a lot of color, alongside the most daring geometries that will go perfectly with both platforms and sneakers.

The 1980s are also characterized by the fashion of high-waisted pants and denim, the «mum» style, and tight leggings. We also offer pieces with a more rocker edge to clothing with a more rockabilly vibe, which marked a softened return to the 50’s style during this decade.

In this section, you’ll also find tulle in dresses, leather in puffy jackets, and natural and floral fabrics in the most romantic branch of the 80’s.

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