Levi Strauss, born in Bavaria but who emigrated to the United States, made history along with tailor Jacob Davis by patenting the first design of denim trousers in the year 1873. However, this was not the only occasion on which the Levi’s company made history in the fashion industry. The introduction of their classic 501 model for women was revolutionary. And from there, shorts, which would become one of the company’s iconic garments over the years.

Shorts initially started as an article of clothing reserved for children. It wasn’t until after World War II that adults began to wear this type of trousers. For women, following the revolution of the miniskirt, shorts would become a basic garment over the decades.

The design of Levi’s shorts brought with it a more feminine version of the brand’s signature style.

Today, the classic Levi’s shorts are a fetish item for lovers of vintage fashion.

There is a large market for these vintage garments, which can be purchased both in stores specializing in vintage clothing and through various platforms online. The brand continues to incorporate new short models every season, offering a wide variety of versions. However, it is still the first model, the classic Levi’s shorts, that remains one of the most coveted. The passing years have not diminished the love for this garment, considered a staple in any wardrobe.

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