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Dickies Clothing Brand: How Did It Influence Street Fashion?

Dickies es la marca principal de la compañía manufacturera estadounidense Williamson-Dickie con sede en Texas, nacida en 1922. Sus primeras prendas de vestir fueron uniformes para la fuerza armada de los Estados Unidos.

Dickies is the flagship brand of the American manufacturing company Williamson-Dickie based in Texas, established in 1922. Its initial clothing line was uniforms for the United States Armed Forces; after the end of World War II, it directed its designs to garments that met the needs of oil field workers, with its Texas jeans becoming famous around the 1950s. The Dickies style went international when American oil workers headed to the Middle East oil fields with their suitcases packed with Dickies jeans—thus Dickies went from armed warfare to urban warfare!

Dickies Specialty

Dickies continues to specialize in manufacturing uniforms for all types of work but has expanded its range to include accessories like shoes, boots, belts, backpacks, etc. The concept of Dickies fashion for work prioritizes comfort above all else, as well as safety, offering highly durable products, even for work involving fire. The success of their clothing lies in the use of quality materials necessary to meet the specifications of various work disciplines.

Adaptability, comfort, and quality are qualities admired by the young and adventurous urban crowd who have embraced Dickies fashion into their wardrobe.

Dickies in Street Fashion

Dickies on motorcycles, the brand has a product line that satisfies this sector, with pants featuring knee protections and other optional areas like the hips, made with kevlar, a highly resistant polyamide used in Formula 1 helmets, bulletproof vests, and tires—truly tough!

Dickies in rockabilly fashion, the brand has sought to preserve the comfort of 1950s workwear, adding style and personality of today’s urban environment, always with a focus on comfortable styling; hence it adapts very well to urban needs in a broad range.

The Sensual Touch of Dickies, however, it can be observed that the brand’s garments have injected a touch of sensuality into the uniforms they began with, associating with styles such as pin-up and swinger-chic, where both masculine and feminine attributes are highlighted, mixing fun with elegance. Pencil skirts, high-heeled shoes, swing dresses, ¾ sleeves, capri pants, punk music, tattoos, and definitely your suggestive personality are part of this urban fashion where Dickies is increasingly prominent.

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