A lot of people ask us where our clothes come from. Are they secondhand? Are they vintage? What does vintage mean? Many people are a bit embarrassed by the last question, but surely many confuse that word with the word retro. Leaving that aside…

One of the best things about buying vintage or secondhand (which is not the same thing) is that you contribute to improving the environment.

You can’t imagine the tons and tons of products that are manufactured daily and will never be used or sold. There they will remain, locked up and forgotten in a container for decades because the big billionaire of the moment couldn’t care less and, in fact, doesn’t even remember. Therefore, often these objects have to be disposed of, either by throwing them into the sea or by letting them rust in a container in some remote port in China.

Buy vintage and, aside from dressing well, you’ll give life to garments from other eras. Sometimes vintage, sometimes secondhand. Retro, my friends, refers to new garments.

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